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We got off the plane in the cold, cold rain
Lost track of the hour, lost track of the day
We were very far away from anywhere we'd been before

We got on a bus and we went to the city
Got off at a stop because we liked the name
We were in for an adventure
And that's all we knew for sure

And we walked until we couldn't walk no more
Jet lag and sore feet led us to the door
Of an expensive noisy bed
Where we could rest our heavy heads

We slept away the rest of the day
And well into the night
And we woke up with a hunger for life
Well before the sun rised

We didn't have money to ride the underground
So we walked the miles and miles of this town
When night fell like a rock we realized
We were never gonna find a patch of open ground

And the rain was comin' down
And the trains were shuttin' down
We were worn out, wet and lost
There was no shelter to be found

We spent over a week of our budget
On a taxi and a bed
And we made plans at night to escape
This expensive wonderland

We would set out for the wild
We would see what was beyond
We would sleep above the soil
And we would travel by our thumbs

And written above my hostel bed
In black marker it said
"There's a light
And it never goes out"

We didn't have a clue what we were doin'
We didn't even know where we wanted to go
The next day we took the tube all the way
Out to the end of the line

It took us five hours to find a place to stand
We stuck out our thumbs, we raised our hands
It was rainin' hard again
But we were not surprised

No one wants to pick you up
When you're soakin' wet
It was hard not havin' second thoughts
About goin' on this trip

And we ate the rest of our hostel bread
Under a dark, damp underpass
We watched the cars go past
The sun was sinking fast

But salvation came at last
In a little blue hatchback
And he took us a few miles down the road

The day was almost over
It was hard not to give in
We had made it outta the city
We were thinkin' about givin' up and settin' up our tent

But a Jeep pulled over then
And he told us to get in
He said his name was Nick
Right away he felt just like a friend

And he took us to some land
Where some people live on buses
Invited us to stay the night
And we could not refuse

We got a bus of our own
And it had a soft, warm bed
We built a little fire
And we dried our soaking shoes

And we slept, yeah we slept
Just like little babies

The next day at Stonehenge
We couldn't afford to get in
We thought it would be free,
We were surprised to see the fence

This day would set the theme
Of this trip for you and me
We could pay to see the sights of Europe
Or we could choose to eat

And we pressed on to an old Roman city
And we made it before night
We broke down and bought some fries
Just so we could get dry

And curse the sky, curse the sky, curse the sky
It rains all the time

We found a spot to pitch our tent
It was our first night in it
The rain soaked in, the ground was cold
It sank into my bones

And we decided that it was way too cold
To keep goin' the way we had planned to go
And that night we agreed that we would turn around
We'd head for warmer ground, we'd start makin' our way south

Oh you can't get lost if you've got no place to go
You can't take a wrong turn if you're not on your way home
And we realized just how free we really were

Thanks to Rafael Bauer for these lyrics

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