"Endure" lyrics



The weather man just told me that theres a storm on the rise
Its gonna rain for forty days and rain for forty nights
But god has nothing to do with this
This is just coincidence
Good weather never lasts forever
I'll board up my windows
I'll board up my doors
Stock my cupboard with enough to last me through the storm
Cos I will endure
The sky is exploding and the clouds begin to swell
The heaven up above are looking much more like hell
And I can hear the thunder and I can smell the rain
I can see the lighting its all heading my way
As the water starts to rise high above my window
I will write to the light of a tall white candle
I will dance with my mirror on the hard wood floor
To the rhythm of the rain on my roof as it continues to poor
When the sun finally decides to show its face again
Then so will I and I'll be a better man
And I will be reborn
I will endure

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