"Stray From The Heard" lyrics


"Stray From The Heard"

He runs for his life cause there's nowhere to go
He's one of a kind and they already know
He's a lone soldier, not a rock he's a bolder
No one can knock him down
He remembers the days when everything was okay
He looked at the world as a happy way
With blind faith and ignorance
Now his eyes are all but shut

So he runs and he runs cause he wants to be free
But the doesn't know quite what it means
At 18, and a mislead scene
His mind is all but clean
So he runs and he runs and he runs some more
He runs right out that fuckin door yea
Ya wont see his face no more

I am the vulture I circle this decayed state
Waiting n hoping but never praying
As the world spins out of control
Everything that I know
Has turned into everything that I don't

Stray, Stray From
Stray From The Heard

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