"Fall Of A Civilization" lyrics


"Fall Of A Civilization"

Lights out in a town full of misery
No sound all around feelin' weird to me
I double check to protect my sanity
Buildings fall all around in this real life dream
Now petty problems are the last thing on your mind
This is, the end of the line
Wasted time broken promises you
Walked the line like simon says but
In the end what did you get?
But pat on your back for your time spent

You sold your life for
Minimum wage days spent slaving towards
What they've made for us
A pleasant charade have you had enough?
The hold is weakening
Our feet are sinking in
But it's to late to save
So watch the fall of a civilization

Never gunna know it all
Patterns come and go
Evolution next solution spike the gene pool
They saw it coming
And they did nothing
But you still think they really give a fuck about you?
Frozen in time you watch your life flash before your eyes
See em run as the stars fall from the sky's
Pick up the pieces of the specious in your bare hands
Spread the ashes in the gashes in between the land

Watch the acid rain
The bodies hit the ground
You will never
See what could have been
As everything you knew comes crashing to the
Ground is where we lay
Restless in the night
Awake we toss and turn
We will never learn
So let our existence here be fucking whipped away

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