"Day Of Defeat" lyrics


"Day Of Defeat"

This is your Day of Defeat

Had faith now lost hope
So you grabbed the gun looked through the scope
Used to care but now aware
Starring down your cross hair
Working for another buck
Tried so hard now out of luck
The systems failed you yet again
You're coming to your end

This is your Day of Defeat

Used to be my brother friend
Now you're workin' for tha man
To destroy our mother earth
Putting us into a hearse
Now we're gunna take it back
Put you suckas back on track
If ya don't, accept the fact
Introduce ya to a baseball bat

This is your Day of Defeat

[Kenny - C-Rave]
Crucify lets nail em up high
Yeah every rotten businessman that never stood on trial
For social, economic crimes against every creed
Just to fill their pockets every suit needs his feed
From the cradle to the payroll blasting ghettos into rubble
Turning people homeless then turn a blind eye to their troubles
Dumping oil in rivers polluting peoples homes
Commit crimes from laptop but stench still stains your clothes

This is your final day
You climbed the social ladder put a noose round your throat
One little finger we knock out your support
There's nothing left to say
No last chance, we're here to abolish greed, sow the seed
This is your day of defeat

This is your Day of Defeat

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