"King Of Fools" lyrics


"King Of Fools"

If you don't really give a shit
If you don't really give a fuck
Then who are you to judge people?
and give your definition of punk rock
A baby trapped inside and adult fool
Dictating all your stupid rules
I thought you cared so much about freedom
But all you are is an apathetic bum

You think you're smart and oh so cool
But you look even uglier when I'm done with you
All hail to the king of fools
Let's join the cult and live by his rules

Tell me what's punk about being a loser?
please help me understand
Is it punk to have booze and drugs
as your two best friends?
Do you believe in all your stupid theories?
do you really want to live your life broke?
I don't believe in all your stupid nonsense
All you are is a Punk Rock Joke

Thanks to joe for these lyrics

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