"Sonic And Amy Always Eat At Subway" lyrics


"Sonic And Amy Always Eat At Subway"

What if I say that I'm sick of play alone?,
The second pad is just collecting dust.
I've never seen Sonic look so sad,
Since Amy left his side.
I'd call to Knuckles and tell him he's not fine,
He hung his boots and doesn't feel that fast.
I went to sonic's and tried to cheer him up
But he just needs Amy's love now
(But he just need being with Amy, now.)

We both made such a great team,
I'm kinda fucked if you're not here with me.
Come home and play again with me,
Press start and I'll never let you down.

I feel like sonic and not because my hair,
But when I'm at subway I always think of her.
I miss those times hangin' at marble garden zone,
We laughed for hours and nothing could went wrong.

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