"S.T.A.R.S." lyrics



Look up at the mess you've made.
Such a mess you've made for us.

Did you know, that the souls you take,
and the hearts you break, are lost.

So, find a place to die with honour,
or find a place to die alone.

Take a look at what's at stake here,
make the choice and burn your throne.

We are moving onward,
we are pushing forward,
far beyond your reach,
and we know,
we can always find you,
haunted by the madness that you preach.

Now look down at the forest fire,
burning through the night for so long.

Don't be scared. Don't be in denial.
Been here for a while, I know.

But I was never enough.
No I could never measure up.
But I will love again,
and I will breathe again.

It doesn't matter where you are,
When you look up at the stars.
You can forget all that you know,
and let the spirits guide you home.
And even when the sun is gone
You'll find the strength to carry on.

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