"Oceans Between Us" lyrics


"Oceans Between Us"

There is a place that I remember, where we were sheltered from our sins.
We were the only ones allowed there, the safest place we've ever been.

There was a time where I could hold you, and we would watch the whole world spin.
We used to lay and talk for hours, and wouldn't let the daylight in.

After this fades we falter and discover,
that everything gold will stay.

We'll find our way back to one another,
one of these days.

There was a time when we were strangers, and such a love could not exist.
Now I look back and can't help wonder, about the love that we have missed.

There's no point in looking backwards,
when there are oceans between us.
Just be still and your call will be answered,
and when I'm home, we can spread our wings again.

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