"Flying Colours" lyrics


"Flying Colours"

I've been spending my days in limbo,
contemplating searching for a better way,
but I know that I am over you.

When you're living in purgatory, life gets boring,
trying to keep your head up,
but I know that I am over you.

I know that I am over you.

Well, I passed all your tests with flying colours.
You would rather depart with all your lovers.
If you cant see a thing, all I can do is sing,
and try and make you recognise that I am not just a friend I am your brother.
I refuse to be treated like your mother.
I'm finding it hard to be the bigger man
when all you do is fuel the fire between us.
All you do is fuel the fire within

If we make it through the weekend
We can make it through the year
And when things begin to heat up
I will take the wheel and steer

If you don't believe the whispers
You know I will be your mirror
You don't know the things I've seen

We have taken the time to get to acquainted
But all of that time was fucking wasted
For as long as you live, I cannot forgive
the things that you have put me through alone

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