"Ashes/A Different Kind Of Mess" lyrics


"Ashes/A Different Kind Of Mess"

We will fight this
With little progress
And we still stop them
From getting through us

Until we've had enough
Had enough

We will try this
This new project
With no meaning
Start from the ashes

Until we've had enough
Had enough of it

We'll never get enough
Get enough of this


Don't beg for justice
When you know you deserve everything you get

Eye for an eye?
This is a different kind of mess

Talk to my face the same you would behind my back

You ran again
You can't control the elements

I'm not available, for you to throw me back in to this hole
I'm trying to move but this is taking way too long

And when I'm gone the stars will slowly start to fall

Thanks to Monika for these lyrics

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