"Wasting Your Time" lyrics


"Wasting Your Time"

Let me drop the weight of my world on your shoulder
I´ve come to burden you
Like they all warned ya
Some come on along
And be my crutch
Let me know down
All that you construct
I just wanna drag you down
I´ve just got to

Since I could
I guess I should impose
I´ll bleed you dry
And then I´m down the road
So come on ih and hop inside
What is yours becomes now mine

I just gotta drag you down
I just got to

I´m not gonna do
What the others did
I´m gonna take
When you want me to give
I just wanna waist your time

Since you asked me in
I guess I´ll stay for a while
I´ll wear out my welcome
With this unforgiven style
When I´m done
You´ll feel so burned
I just wanna drag you down
I just got to

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