"Southern Nights" lyrics


"Southern Nights"

That girl´s a southern bell
Breaks hearts and she does it well
She will bring a man down
Right down to his knees
Born and raised in Tennessee
By her hard working daddy
She left the farm when
When she was just seventeen

Southern nights won´t be the same
Stars fall like drops of rain
Tears tumble right from her eyes
She´s crossing over the country line
Her new day has finally dawned
This beauty queens moving on
Country roads – so long

Started stripping in a Nashville bar
Went to Dallas and stripped some more
She took it all off to make her way to the top
Breaking hearts along the way

From Tallahassee to San Jose
Ent to California to try to get her big shot

Southern nights won´t be the same
Stars fall like drops of rain
The big cities out to drag her down
Chew her up and striped her out
Now shes missing now those jackson pines
Smokey mountains in the summer time
So far away from those southern nights

Rolling down the interstate
Not a moment a second to late
She´s fast and oh so mean
The trailer park beauty queen
In the distance she sees her name
Bright lights and dreams of fame
The bluegrass in Tennessee
Now that´s only a memory

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