"Point Of No Return" lyrics


"Point Of No Return"

This is the story of boys and girls
who fall from divine worlds
Sometimes the turn of the screw
makes everything come loose
Some try to hang on, some
won´t for every long
In Los Angeles, the story´s
going like this....

Inside this plastic paradise
some things they don´t seem right
Don´t let the backdrop fool you,
It´s helter skelter in southern California
Can you feel? do you see the intense amount of anxiety
All these people grapple for control

oh yeah there´s no place like home

1,2,3,4,5...who´s gonna make it out alive?
6,7,8,9,10...think you are? then think again

Your never coming back,
your never coming back,
Your never coming back no way now
It´s the point of no return,
It´s the point of no return

At the edge of the earth, where the madness meets the surf
It´s the point of no return,
It´s the point of no return

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