"New Disease" lyrics


"New Disease"

The time has come
Come undone
I gotta run
I´m showing all the symptoms
I´m a receiver of the fever
And as you undress
What a mess I become

Take a slide a ride with me
Right down to the bottom
Castaway no escape no message
In this broken bottle

Entertain me
Suffocate me
Open up lets have a look
There´s nothing here worth saving
It´s not a mystery
When you asleep
With the dogs
You rise with the fleas
I gotta new disease
I gotta new disease

I gotta new disease
Come on in
Look inside
There´s nothing left
Left here alive
Give it up like a slut
Give this creature
Back some of its life
Without a doubt you bring it out
The sickness starts to grow and grow
And grow

I gotta need
I gotta feed
Don´t wanna leave
Don´t wanna be no show

Come constrain me
Elevate me
It starts spreading
And it surely bound to break me
I´ve gotta
I´ve gotta
I´ve gotta new disease

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