"Lonely Boulevard" lyrics


"Lonely Boulevard"

No need to turn on the lights
It´s not a mystery to me
I´ve seen what I can do
By the hands of my deceit
Had you heard about Excess?
Then you know about betrayal
The the winter of discontent
That soon would unveil…

But somehow I keep waking up
In the broken glass
The aftermath
And all the things that came to pass
And somehow
When you can´t move on
You stand up straight
Dig down deep
Find the words
Spit out the song

Don´t need to be reminded
Cause I see it every day
Well I´m stuck in that moment
Like a photo in a broken frame

All pain stands still
The test of time
The burden of proof lies with me
Cause it´s all mine

But some day
When the day does come
I will rise again and you will find me there
Standing there in the morning sun
Alive at last
As I surpass
What´s left behind stays behind
It´s where I was and not where I am

Broken hearts and brand new starts
Well they find themselves
On this lonely boulevard
And broken dreams and love it seems
Collide somewhere on dark
And empty streets like these

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