"Hanoi 68" lyrics


"Hanoi 68"

Charlie Hurst was a rolling stone
when he'd get his poison
he'd rest his bones
a Vietnam vet,
star-spangled reject
you'll catch him at the shelter
on spring and 5th

[Pre chorus:]
American icon, hero in Saigon
prayed hard to Jesus Christ
Charlie got strung out in 69'

long live Charlie Hurst
Ho Chi Mihn and the 101st
the NVA, and bombs away
Hanoi rocked in 68'

Phan Chu was from
north Vietnam
across the border
in a communist land
he ran guns for
the Asha valley
fought for V.C
against the U.S. military
his village was wiped out
his family was gunned
he ran the jungle
in the middle of the night
Charlie don't know how to surf
this one knew how to fight

long live Phan Trihn
Charlie Hurst and Ho Chi Mihn
LBJ, the bombing campaign
Hanoi rocked in 68'
68'..... bomb's away...
Hanoi rocked, in 68'

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