"Every Waking Moment" lyrics


"Every Waking Moment"

Jenny's got herself another broken heart
She tries to keep it together
But it always comes apart

She wears all the hurt
She wears it like a charm
And she doesn´t sleep at night
She lies awake
All night in the dark

With every waking moment
With every breath that she fights to take
There is just one more hopeless thought
that she´s goes on to contemplate

Jenny's got herself another game to play
She got reasons oh way too many to name

She´s gonna cut to the chase
Let the chips fall where they may

She´s going to pull out the pin
And watch it
Drop from this hand grenade

With every waking moment
When all the walls just cave on in
Any lights that used to shine
No longer finds
It´s way on in
With every waking moment
She´s crawling right out from under her skin
All strung out and wired up
Ready for the big show to begin

She´s got a million reasons now
And the darkness is calling her out
And she can´t figure it out
It´s a one way ticket down

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