"30 Seconds" lyrics


"30 Seconds"

Came in with the wind
Got up and under my skin
I stand here in the corner
On this broken down day in California

I'm climbing these walls
a reflection of my withdrawls
This darkness I reside in
Has got me staring over my horizons

I've got 30 seconds
I've gotta get direction
I've got 30 second 'till sunrise

Don't wanna waste away
don't wanna be a charity case
When I play, I play to lose
I wish I could walk in someone else's shoes

The minutes just drag
I'm miles high and I wanna come back

These eyes are cranked out wide
Glaring down at the world outside


I'm on a runaway train
I'm dripping right down the drain
Time all just but stops
When you got your face pulled down to the clock

The minutes just drag
I'm miles high and I wanna come back
I rip up, part at the seams
It's never as good as you thought it would be

I've got 30 seconds,
to get my feet in the right direction
I've got 30 seconds,
To get past all these imperfections
I've got 30 seconds,
'Till the sun rises over me.

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