"Badd Beat" lyrics


"Badd Beat"

We'll book this tour and it'll be oh so good
But we're gonna steal your guarantee
oh steer clear
we're on a wicked path
we've got plans
Wicked Plans
And it's the least we can do
because we gotta get ours somehow
It would be too easy making 10% off the tours we book for you
So we figure we'll take as much as we can because it's not up to you
The music the bands provide brings the kids to the shows
but you know we just don't care
Because there are a lot of other bands we can use
if you don't want this tour
and the point is
even though everyone knows we treat the bands like shit
Nobody has the guts to speak out
Because they're afraid that they won't get
the tours at the end of the day
You fucking kids have gotta learn the golden rules:
1. You gotta Use who you can on your way to the middle
2. You only give a favor for a favor in return
3. You get burned when you turn the other cheek
P.S. We don't believe you kids are so naive
to think that things could change
Because nothing ever changes in the real world
and we're gonna drive that message home
because money fills the gas tank in your van

Thanks to Michael D. for these lyrics

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