"Still In A Punkband" lyrics


"Still In A Punkband"

Yeah yeah yeah. Aaah aah aah. Ooh yeah.
Stop and stare at people with funny hair
But times like that are just no longer times
Sunny days seemed so much brighter
Winter days seemed so much lighter, yeah
And that's too bad
Say, it isn't all the way
Some things will never change
Somehow I'm still the same
Go with the flow
With all the things you know
You turn your back when fortune is your goal
Then funny days seemed so much brighter
Off off days seemed to much lighter then
That be the path you chose
Say, don't have to be that way
Who says you have to change
Somehow we're still the same
Still in a punk band
Yeah yeah yeah aah aah aah ooh yes
Mum and dad don't understand it
They just don't understand it

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