"One More Time" lyrics


"One More Time"

I feel strange
Afraid of getting old
Turning fat, turning bold
My heart turns to stone
The days don't hardly feel the same
When I work too much these days
The pleasure comes with pain
And if I had more chances
I would never have run away
I take the things that come my way
Give me one more time, then I do it right
Give me one more shot, I swear I won't fuck it up
Give me one more chance, don't say this is the end
I need one more go until the final no
In some face
With something in my head
That's telling me it's sad
About these chances I've had
I say I just don't need no help
But sometimes I need help
It's just like everybody else


What is wrong with me, what is wrong with me
Can't believe it, I can't believe it
Just sitting here feeling sorry for me
And I feel that, I just feel that
I need some help just to break free

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