"Never Die" lyrics


"Never Die"

Summers don't go slow
And so just before you know
So be it that you're walking
In the rain on your own
The world's insane
You've got so much inside
But that just won't see the light
Won't see it
Still you're walking on
While your mind makes up a song
Feel you work too much
And you're always in a rush
In need for something else
Maybe something for yourself
You need fresh air to breathe
It's a thought you can not leave
Not before too soon
Your head is working up a tune
And put it to a tape deck
Sing out all these lines
Shout it if you feel bad
And make it in a rhyme
Punk never die for I
Never die. No never die
When I'm home and close the door
I want to hear that song once more
That song is about my life
And it makes me feel alright
I want to hear some energy
Could you give it loud to me
There is young kids there on stage
And they sure know how to play

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