"Mikey Says" lyrics


"Mikey Says"

Mikey says he loves you
Mikey says he tried
Mikey wants to see you
Mikey needs a ride
Mikey has a girlfriend
Mikey has a band
Mikey wants to see you
and he wants to hold your hand
Mikey says
Mikey likes the redheads and the blondes at the mall
Mikey likes the brunettes and mikey like em all
Mikey wrote a song just for you
and yr sister and yr mom and yr best friend too!
Mikey says
All those girls are lucky
Cuz he is quite a guy
He wrote a buncha songs that make me want to cry
Maybe he is right maybe he is wrong
Maybe he will even sing along, a whoa oh ohhhh!!

Thanks to rob for these lyrics

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