"Sixth Circle" lyrics


"Sixth Circle"

If you could go back would you do it all differently?
And how could I have known
that these dreams would still be haunting me
Demons inside my head can't seem to set them free
Demons inside my room won't seem to leave me be

Still I lie asleep at night
And dream of dark places that I've never been
Still I lie asleep at night
And dream of dark things that might never be

And its been haunting me for years
The truth is hiding behind every door
Behind every patched up wall
Lies a clue to something more
Now I'm trying to seperate whats real and whats fake
Before my heart breaks from everything that this world takes
Because man it takes and fucking takes

They told me it might help to find my roots
To look out for ones that mattered the most
But I searched and I searched
And all I found down there were ghosts
How hard it must be to feel alive
And only look on the bright side of life
Because I've tried and I've tried
But I still can't get past the empty nights

(I try and I try and I still can't get past the empty nights)

And you know the storm is coming
So you can't find peace inside the calm

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