"Mountains Between Us" lyrics


"Mountains Between Us"

Took you out to find the stars
But all I found was buried hearts
Thought it best to know the world
The view behind the atmosphere
But you can't see me anymore
You're locked behind the tightest door
And I've been searching for something
But the world owes me nothing more.

I fell asleep behind the wheel of my life
And now I don't see days all I see are dark nights
I'm tryna see myself a changed man
But if you life to yourself then change don't come fast
I thought I always endorsed honesty
And that was always the person that I tried to be
But if you lose sight of whats real
You lose yourself in two's and three's

Lost soul, this is a life that I'm letting go
Dark soul, this is a part of my mind that I have to let go
Thought I lived life,
since the moment I hung up the phone that day
But you helped me find a way to change
When my future had turned cold and I faded away.

Dark clouds, this is a life that I'm letting go
Sadness inside, this is a part of my mind
That I have to let die.

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