"Full Of Grief" lyrics


"Full Of Grief"

I never felt pain like I did that day
Right then I wished the whole world would just float away
Holed up in my room I blazed relentlessly
Spent whole months introspectively

But thats not the problem
Theres no solution
To all this conflict
Still no solution

(We must all move past the pain we carry)

I think that might be the meaning to this life
To find hope within the strife
And in the darkness see the light
But I'll keep on waiting for the truth to surface
I'll keep on waiting for a whole race to find their purpose

(but i'm always left questioning
how you avoided voices so deafening
goddamn there are just some things i'll never know
so build your walls but i'm breaking through
day by day we lived this way search for truth we're lead astray
ignore the facts they'll go away sufferings the price we pay
there's no limit any minute i'll get in it this is just the beginning but for you its the finish
I've lost my faith in us as time passed by
and i sit with my head in my hands wondering why
you turned your back on me, you severed ties
and where bonds once grew revenge lies)

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