"Divination" lyrics



Suffer the breaks but I'm never going to fade away
Now I know that tomorrow is another day
Because I've faced the worst and I seen it through
And I'll face the rest in time

In my life I have struggled to find
That feeling of comfort inside
I seen it all through eyes that were blind
And locked it all in the back of my mind
For the last ten years of my life

As I watched you struggle for so long
Always afraid to move on
On your own and you can't really see all your infinite possibility
I was lost so alone in my tragedy
Now I've found my peace with you next to me

Sick of the rain, sick of the grey, take a look at the empty sky
Now that I've seen the sun rise
I've found so much to do with my life
And for that I only have you to thank
You showed me another way, you took my pain away

And I'm hoping things will never change
Until my soul finds an empty grave

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