"Dead Earth" lyrics


"Dead Earth"

Yeah I seek out disaster,
My mind spinning fast into the spirit world
And this year I've been haunted
It follows me close and watches my every move
But I'm still here, followed by demons through all of the seasons
And all that pursue me,
I'm burning at the crossroads in this endless crusade.

And in the unemployment lines I've felt it
Growing like a cancer in this lifeless place
In the darkened eyes you can see the traces
The ghosts of hope on tired faces

Man I feel it too, whats left of me and you
Just to know we'll never be the same
Without the poison running through our veins

And man I feel my sisters pain
This world has her in twisted chains
No chance to start a family
Inherent evil in humanity

I don't want to be another empty fucking slave

I feel it in my bones, I think they're smoking out this city
Because the governments fucked, and the banks are corrupt
And a poor mans life just ain't worth living
Yeah my poor man's life just ain't worth living

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