"This Memoir" lyrics


"This Memoir"

and you said
"im not the same old kid again
im killing of all my old friends
all one by one
just so I know I win
I'm not the same old friend to you
I'm changing my personality
because in my eyes I see popularity"

and what's happening to you?
there's nothing I can do
your selling me out
and all I give to you
is honesty and truth
who's buying me now?

your deffinatly not the person that I thought you were
your deffinatly not the friend that you once were to me

and you said
"i'm not the same old kid again
i'm befriending all my enemies
and forgetting you
because their accepting me
I won't be here for you anymore
because I've moved on, found something new
and thats something that you'll have to get used to"

Thanks to T0rChDangel for these lyrics

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