"Changes" lyrics



[Verse 1:]
What lies ahead?
We have yet to see what's in front of us (what's in front of us)
What will become of us?
Sun sheds it's light on these shades of grey,
As we drive our lives into the ground.
What will become of us?
Is this where we'll always be?

We have yet to write the future,
You're still living in the past.
Turn the pages and start over,
So we can be as one at last.

So we can be one at last!
Turn the pages and don't look back [x2]

[Verse 2:]
If I could only see it now,
What's coming at the end,
I'd go back to the beginning,
And re-write the things we did.
I gave no reason to wonder,
Why it's your picture I'll keep forever.
We'll meet again 'cause these roads will end,
And we'll be as one at last.


[Repeat Chorus]

I'll keep fighting!
I'll keep fighting for you! [x2]

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