"Tragician" lyrics



(i spend most of my days, and most of my nights chasing tomorrow.) i hate the things i do and all the shit i put you through. it’s tragic, i’m static. i am the world’s worst, i am my own worst enemy, and i hate me…most days, i can’t believe i’m still here. most day’s, i’m surprised. you want a new lie/line/life, i wanna do what’s right by you, but I can’t seem to get my shit together, not ever, no matter, how hard i try. i never seem to get it right. i’m sick of having you depend on me because i’ll let you down like i always do. i am the world’s worst, i am my own worst…it’s crazy you stuck with me. most day’s, i can’t believe you’re still here. most days, i heard you cry. and through all the times we’ve had, i never saw what you saw in me. through all the times we’ve tried, i could never be what you needed of me but i wish, i were. i still remember how i made you feel, once upon a time.

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