"Stitches" lyrics



i want what i want. i need what i need. i want what i need. i need what i want. but i’m not what you wanted. let’s go…hell-bent on slipping away. i felt you slowly turn away. my thoughts go black it breaks my heart. i ignore your taps on windows still. i’ve become attached to where i fell. it’s true, there’s room for you. although we’ve still got miles to go, i’ve forgotten the places i used to know. this face gives smiles unjustified. i once was lost but i swear i’m fine. until the ground holds me in it’s arms i’m true, and i’ll wait for you. isn’t it obvious I’m a wreck, i set these fires just for you. isn’t it obvious i’ve calmed down, i saved my breakdowns just for you. i’m hell-bent on slipping away. i felt you slowly turn away. i’ve seen rock bottom, and it was love at very first sight. i’ve been asleep what seems like days. these dreams i love are just a phase. this life i loathe is in my way. i felt you slowly slip away. those cemetery eyes, these 7 deadly sins, these 40 days of night, have severed all our ties. i am the seventh son. i have my father’s eyes. i am a loaded gun. i am the setting sun.

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