"My Bad" lyrics


"My Bad"

Let's Go!

Pictures of you are falling off the wall
I won't admit I'm in denial
Images of you are fading and all
The thoughts of you make me smile

I never said Thank You to you
these feelings won't fade after this summers end
It's so sad, 'cause what I had was more then I ever needed
It's true, well, I thank you

And you're on my mind,
and sleeping seems wrong because I would be dreaming of you

I watched you tell your friends
You say we wouldn't last
I watched your hair fall in your eyes
You look so cute girl when you shattered me like that
You're looking cuter all the time

I never said that I'm sorry for everything that I did wrong
Like our first date, when I was late
and I made you pay everything for me
well, I'm sorry

And you're on my mind
and sleeping seems wrong because I would be dreaming of you
But I'm out of time, You're already gone
We're already through

Now there's nothing left for me to do, except sit here
and think about you
And although feeling this way isn't new
I thought I'd never feel this way about you

The absence of you is such a tragedy of, the sad scent of you
is so bad for me
I'd kill for you, but it'd kill me too

Who cares, if I waste my life away
Everyone is searching for happiness anyway
Stay out of my mind, you're not worth my time
One day your heart will break harder then mine
Mistakes did happen, it's all your fault
'cause my bad habit is you mixed with alcohol...

Thanks to Holden Caulfield for these lyrics

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