"Getting Weird" lyrics


"Getting Weird"

Believe when you call me
I’m gonna make you see your biggest insecurity

Oh, you think I don’t know what’s going on.
From the black dress you wear ,
to the flow of your hair,
and the guys you’ve been hitting on.

But I know what goes up your Friday nights.
Deleted calls helps us process all?
Make her feel like I do just for spite
I never trusted anyone,
but you made me see exactly what I was hiding from.

Believe when you call me,
I’m gonna make you see your biggest insecurity
See when you’re talking,
I’m gonna catch you lying,
There’s no use in trying.
We both know you’re gonna end up crying tonight.

End up crying tonight.

Everyone has their reasons to lie.
You just do it to pass the time.
Despising you has become this hobby of mine
‘Cause if we can’t love,
then hating you will do just fine.

You’re the life of the party
You’ll make damn sure that everybody knows
Don’t get me started
Because the boys are catching on
And they all know just what’s expected of you.


For heaven’s sake you’re no good at saving face


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