"Flat" lyrics



He's not afraid of what she'll say when she calls back home
He don't think before he speaks and my friends don't come around
It's getting old the shit I'm told when I'm all alone
So many things that you don't see and I'm dying to let go

I keep falling down
Cause your'e pulling at my feet
I keep falling down
Cause you're dragging me to the ground

An empty bed once again leaves you on the floor
Bloody lip, you're full of shit and we fought three rounds again
You don't need what I need you don't follow through
On your plans to start again and I can't keep trying

You don't know what I learned about me from talking in your sleep
You don't know what I learned about me from leaving you

Now all these things anxieties I don't bother to
Live my life I can't get by on the lies I used to use
It's all the same you're not to blame what else can I do?
Than pour a drink while I think I won't bother you no more

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