"American Town" lyrics


"American Town"

You can choose your way to stagnate
In your American town
If the Army doesn't get you
Be a factory clown
While the world goes around
Then try turning me up but I'm
Turning them down

The teachers in gold-rimmed glasses
Teach from the banker's gold-rimmed books
The women on the corner smile
So the cops can be crooks
They all fit just one description
'Cause they're cast from a singular mold

But I'm the one that's about to break it
That ain't no way to grow old

We're gonna go to the drive in
Get drunk and cause a scene
We're gonna bust some heads in
'Cause we're cooler if we're mean
Maybe drop some acid
What's the difference we're thirteen
But I'm headed for the border,
And erasing myself clean

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