"The Notion Of Chance" lyrics


"The Notion Of Chance"

am neither here
am neither there.
I am twenty years dead
and living in impression

a misperception of arrangements dance anteriorly
demented, unbalanced, and indistinct.

wrapped up in reason.
reasoning vacuity.
dreaming of stillness.
endlessly interested in slide-show discomfort

euthanasia, I’ll take you in
I’ll cherish you
fear no others
I’ll make you mine,
you’ll be with me

fragile envelopes of fat and blood stumble drunk through fiction.
ailing minds set on disbelief and false perception.
not so delicate thoughts flowing, filling,
on deceptions of physical veracity.

above sits myself, crumbling with a foundering ungrace.
gaining pace,
losing control.
wider, and wider.

from multiple angles I dream of rain and other momentary things,
but from a fixed perspective, cower into darkness and illusive truths.
tasting each emotion one by one.

endlessly interested in capricious design.
and minds of others
I am sick of mine
it's hard to be.

Thanks to Leonardo for these lyrics

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