"The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" lyrics


"The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street"

Oh shit
I’m afraid I just blew it
Feces just broke the fan
So fast it went right through it
And sprayed us all god damn
No worries guys I’ve already thumbed out my eyes
I do not expect to sleep again
Get get get get this away from me...

Please get this over with, while I still do not mind
Cause the rate that I lose beats the rate that I find
I’m sorry boys and girls if I wasted your time mentioning what wasted mine
But let’s be serious, nobody’s leaving today
If I did not write that, what the fuck else would I say?
Let’s have a pleasant afternoon and pretend we’re all fine...
Cause home is where you make it, and I’d like to call this mine

The days go by
(nobody’s leaving here today)
Each one’s the same
(pretend that we’re all fine and stay)
And suicide
(quite simply sounds too fucking lame)
In my eyes, quite simply sounds too fucking lame

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