"Lyrsergic Footprint" lyrics


"Lyrsergic Footprint"

slide down the pipe
empty, drained, rising tide
over joyed,overwhelmed
lazy drain

skin melts right
off your neck
down your back

only once an open palm
it's right worse more wrong
the vacant room suits perfectly
and all the more abnormally

how are you? I have been fine.
can't keep too much on my mind
not really one for small talk
I'd rather that you stab me

at least it would be honest
unbearable desperation
play your part in this exchange
it's right worse more or over explained
the color now is wasted
toe tie slip up open window
an empty stage
the color now is wasted
a slip up, open window
a boring clown

head to feet
steals the weak
charge the strong
carry on
carry out
deep inside
open wide

Thanks to Leonardo for these lyrics

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