"Inertia At It's Finest" lyrics


"Inertia At It's Finest"

Every night I lie awake thinking to myself
How my life is controlled by someone else
This is not how I want to live
Not how I want to be
Pass it off, things will change
Time will tell
I wish I could just say "farewell"
Cause that ain't happening
I'm still here acting

So take what you want and leave
Then return with no sympathy
There's no way I'll make it out alive
Don't ask questions, it's too hard to say
You've ruined every second of my life
Get off my back

Obviously, you can't take a hint
When someone wants you to shut up
and leave them be for their sense of security
There is nothing I hate more than your eyes in mine
While your mouth is running through my ears

Your eyes stunned me upon first sight
and now bury me in the ground

Fuck you.

Thanks to zach for these lyrics

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