"Exhume" lyrics



We all have a monster, nothing to be ashamed of.
Something found in another, something that we're afraid of.
But there's no walking backwards once it's dead inside your eyes.
But if you find you're nervous, you've already lost your will to survive.
I can't live like this (I know you told me before)
Equations unmatched (Well, then you're worthless)
Packed and underway (so get the fuck out of here)
But not here, not today.
Drown all these empty boxes, they'll never be satisfied.
Cause we are never wrong, we never lie, right?
Vibrations echoing through every mind that's laid to rest.
How does that make you feel when you know that you are still the best?
This is a call for help.
There's nothing here for you, or much less me,
'cause we're not standing on our feet,
we're clearing begging on our knees.
Nothing more, nothing less than everything I need.
I can't find a way out of here.

Thanks to zach for these lyrics

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