"Crash Dummy" lyrics


"Crash Dummy"

it wasn’t really good to see you
it's been a year about since last
I kind of wish I didn’t smile
I kind of wish I didn’t laugh
the next two days I woke up
with your face in detail
it makes me think that I was dreaming
of shit I try to shut off when I’m awake

I wish you could have seen it the way it spread apart beside your head
she said "I really really wish you were not dead"
now everything just seems so far removed
she said I keep your picture right next to my bed

his head blown away
his legs and arms crushed
stuck to the road
he's asking for too much

as I remain unaffected by the sight of your drowning eyes,
as you struggle to keep your voice from cracking
as you let go of his life
and all I could say was I’m sorry
I know you’ve never felt this dismal
I said that sometime we should catch up
well I guess that I could have said anything else

Thanks to Leonardo for these lyrics

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