"Chapter 21" lyrics


"Chapter 21"

pacing every phone call in an afternoon assurance
and a fingernail lost in between your teeth
a terminating factor in a scripted reality
of confusing temporary hatred with outlook epiphanies

a lack of motivation
and inspiration
so strange is the disappearance of a former charity
so all the confidence you've earned is lost
you're a victim of yourself, never the less, incapable to all.

screaming at yourself "what were you thinking?"
I hear you talking to yourself everyday
looking so pensive in obvious self reflection
it's quite frustrating contemplating cannibalistic senses

must be the season
must be the generation

the opportunities are once in a lifetime guaranteed
but the risk of over exposure grabs hold of me
and now the doubt controls the day
like it was worth it just to throw it all away.
all confidence you earned is lost
you're a victim of yourself.

at least not anymore.

Thanks to Leonardo for these lyrics

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