"Dreamy" lyrics



Feels like I'm swimming baby, stoned.
You're looking trippy baby, word.
And I'd do anything for you.
She's in her bright green dream coat,
A technicolor dream girl.
Her makeups dripping down the walls.
Like all that other disco shit,
She's outta sight but she's a trip
A trendy merry go around.

I hit her up when I'm in town,
Her get ups down to get down.

But that's just me, you know you're so groovy,
When your in technicolor, you are one psychedelic chick.

And when we shoot the breeze, Lora I'm just dead leaves.
And you are just so dreamy, you got me thinking I'm asleep.

I dreamt I killed your boyfriend,
I dreamt I drank all of his blood.
And when the cops came baby.
I ran like vampire from sun,
Ran from the silver in your gun.
But not half as romantic.
As my senior prom night,
I didn't go I just got drunk.
I really hope you had fun,
I am just a punk, a stupid fuck.
I said peace out, she said good luck

You are falling fast like snow,
You start so gently, but oh before you know,
You've covered all the roads,
Now all the schools are closed.
And well all be stuck indoors.
I'm fucked and passed out on the floor
I'm gonna kill your boyfriend,
I'm gonna drink all of his blood

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