"Preamble" lyrics



I dreamt I shattered, like a brick through my consciousness
I woke up tasting glass sharper than my day
The collapsing impression over and over
Peaceful, inept, slightly detained for the past year of
chasing after my own pride parade.
Caught Beneath the loom of your light and the clouds below your feet.
Swaying between what you pine and what your mind can paint.
Oceans and seas to drown and re-drown in your own make believe
Sinking in scene to the depths of your own drone of dreams.
Some days I feel eternities taped in one
Other times I feel everything all at once.
But lately I’ve strained to see the seams
Scraping to bare the seams between
when I’m awake and when I’m asleep
When you smile you’re all teeth
You can bite you’re own cheek
Until it pulsates and bleeds
Pan-Am smile with your teeth
when you smile…

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