"Our Fragile Intakes" lyrics


"Our Fragile Intakes"

Dust and bones. Days and nights, and years on the ropes. Sunrise, sunset. It's never enough. The things that we're taught. The lives that we live. The deaths that we're dealt. It's all coming undone. The walls are rotting from the inside. Some arrangement of life. My discord, My strife. This is our life. Lived from the inside of a cloudy window. When forever is never enough. When we've waste all our time looking for better ways out. Chills looking for the next spine to crawl up. Chokes looking for the next neck to hold up. A new cancer under the breath of grace, in our own grand scheme of all bound things. I want pride, and I want beauty under no remorse. Under no such stake. I'm so afraid of the things I can't change. As in the way lighting steals the life from a tree. Long before is ever ready to leave. I hope everyone forgets my name. Take me back to when alone was all we were. Back when every day wasn't a blessing we didn't deserve.

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