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March of '93. I've relived every moment as if it was a dream. When you packed up everything, but a family portrait. Son I'm sorry, but I can't say. There's just a few things that'll never change. Son I'm sorry, but everything gets better. Everything gets better, just you wait and see. It must have rained the next nine weeks. It's not may fault you don't have the guts for the things you cant change. It's not my fault there's nothing left to say. You said, you said some things just never change. Just as somethings were never meant to save. You said, you said go at your own pace. No one ever hopes or plans for a broken home. What have I ever learned from picture perfect families with broken frames. Somethings you can't swallow, and some things you can't shake, but family is so much bigger than any picture we could ever take. Picture perfect broken frames falling apart right down the seems.

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