"Good Sight" lyrics


"Good Sight"

I was walking in the subway
my pink satchel on my back
when some ugly fellows came in through the doors.

One of them came straight at me
and pushed me accidentally
but I don't believe in accidents no more.

So I turned around and saw
my fucking wallet in his hands
I took a breath and thought
"no one's gonna fuck with me today"
(no one's gonna fuck with me today)

I shouted HEY (HEY)
no you aren't
taking that away (HEY)
I'm short but I am mad
so bring it on mate
show me what you got.

And all that little piece of shit could do
was telling me "good sight, man"
then gave it back and let me through
it left the stupidest expression on my face
what kind of world do we live in?
(what kind of world do we live in?)

If dogs and sharks won't bite
if nothing's worth the fight
if they won't even beat you up to take your cash
you know that something isn't right (something isn't right).

That little piece of shit could only say "good sight"
fuck this shit man, this world should fucking die.

Thanks to mielmelada for these lyrics

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