"Mediumship" lyrics



I could hear you calling in my dreams but I was not awake.
I was neither sleeping nor awake but caught somewhere in between.
I could feel your ghost moving through me incomplete.
I tried to hold you, called to stop you, but couldn't find the words to speak.
Every moment I am with you is a moment I will keep.
Every inch that you move farther is an inch too far from me.
I will feel you in every silent breathe and silent breeze.
But I will hold to you no longer, for I have simply grown to weak.
(Simply grown to weak)
I'll be the wind upon your sail as you travel out to sea.
As the storm falls down upon you I'll be comfort that you seek.
For now my heart is growing empty like the hollow of a tree.
I know that you are better off so I'm here to set you free.
I can hear you calling.

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